Edward Ehrbar has been solving customers equipment maintenance and repair problems by providing quick, responsive service since 1903. We support your equipment with services that include preventative maintenance, oil sampling, vehicle monitoring, undercarriage maintenance, ground engagement tools, filters, hoses, remanufactured engines, transmissions and hydraulic systems. All services are completed by certified technicians, who adhere to strict safety guidelines.


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Customer Support

Komtrax - Komatsu's remote equipment and fleet monitoring system. Leading edge wireless technology and a secure, user friendly, web based application provide critical information - anytime, anywhere. Click above or please contact your salesman or our Komtrax administrator Mr. Dan Dalena at 631-563-7600.


Extended Coverage (Advantage)

Peace of Mind After Your Standard Warranty Expires
  • Do you need a plan to protect your equipment investment and cash flow when your warranty expires?
  • Do you need truly affordable extended coverage for your equipment?
  • Do you want to increase the resale value of your equipment?
  • Do you want flexible coverage that fits the way you use your equipment?
  • Do you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing your equipment is protected after the warranty expires?
  • What do you do when something goes wrong with your equipment after the standard warranty expires?

One major repair can cost far more than the Komatsu ADVANTAGE Extended Coverage plan. Add value to your investment and enjoy peace of mind with this comprehensive plan for your new and ReMarketed Komatsu equipment. You may purchase Komatsu Advantage new machine Extended Coverage any time before the original equipment warranty expires.

With Komatsu ADVANTAGE Extended Coverage, your equipment is protected if a covered component fails due to a defect in material or workmanship. Backed by Komatsu, this plan:
  • Assures that repairs are made by Komatsu-trained experts
  • Uses genuine Komatsu parts
  • Provides coverage anywhere in the U.S. through the Komatsu Distributor Network

In addition, Komatsu ADVANTAGE Extended Coverage for new equipment allows you to purchase the plan that meets your needs:
  • Choose full machine, powertrain, hydraulic, and other coverages
  • Select from a number of options for the time period, hours and deductible

New Machine Support:
  • Remarketing Machine Support
  • Powertrain coverage for Distributor Qualified Used Equipment
  • Up to 24 additional months (6-month increments)
  • Up to 4,000 additional hours (1,000-hour increments – not to exceed 8,000 total machine hours)
  • $250 deductible

Komatsu Remarketing Certified 'A' and 'B' machines qualify for specially priced Powertrain coverage as well. Back to Top

Oil Wear and Analysis (KOWA)

The Best Way to Look Inside Your Equipment
Analyzing engine oil and other fluids is the best way to look inside a machine's engine and powertrain. It can help you identify trends and make informed repair and maintenance decisions.

The Komatsu Oil & Wear Analysis (KOWA) program uses independent laboratories across the United States to determine how your machine is performing based on a small sample of oil or other fluid. Much like a blood test tells your doctor how your body is functioning, KOWA lets you see how your equipment is performing on the inside. Used with PM Clinic and PM Tune Up, KOWA is your best defense for proactively maintaining your Komatsu equipment.

KOWA detects fuel dilution and coolant leaks, identifies contaminants, and measures wear-metals. Your distributor will help you interpret this information so you can identify potential problems and head them off before they lead to major repairs.

Data Analysis and Record Keeping
Internet Access - KOWA Online is a free service that provides immediate access to your oil analysis data and results. It doesn't matter where you are – your KOWA results are just a few keystrokes away – 27/7. To register for this service go to and click on 'Create an Account'

Customized Software - KOWA-LOAMS (Lube Oil Analysis Management System) – provides access to oil analysis reports and data, graphs, transit time statistics and fixed management reports on your PC. Data can be provided via e-mail, dial-up BBS or directly from the internet at The Software is $395 and data is provided at no additional cost. Contact your local KOWA rep or call 800-655-4473 to place an order.

KOWA Benefits:
  • Independent labs for objective results you can trust
  • Results compared to Komatsu guidelines to eliminate guesswork
  • KOWA-LOAMS software tracks equipment trends for long-term maintenance planning and budgeting

Distributors and factory share information to provide comprehensive recommendations. Back to Top

Planned Maintenance (PM-Pro)

Pays for Itself Over Time
A well-planned maintenance program can save you significant money over the life of your equipment by keeping it operational and extending its life. Consider what a single catastrophic failure, due to improper maintenance, can cost in terms of:
  • Increased repair costs
  • Loss of production
  • Rental or backup machine
  • Idle personnel and equipment
  • Disruption of schedules
  • Customer's loss of confidence in you

With so much at risk, today's most savvy contractors know that a planned maintenance program more than pays for itself over time.

That's why so many contractors depend on Komatsu PM-Pro. PM-Pro is the fast, easy way to keep your equipment at peak performance and assure that all scheduled maintenance occurs on time. With PM-Pro, you can customize a planned maintenance program to meet your unique requirements, including:
  • Scheduled maintenance performed on time and as specified in your Operation & Maintenance manual
  • Walk-around inspection of your equipment
  • Komatsu Oil & Wear Analysis (KOWA)
  • Electronic maintenance history for your equipment

When your equipment is maintained properly, you can achieve maximum uptime:
  • Better plan and control maintenance
  • Know costs up front
  • Plan your work schedule more effectively
  • Utilize your personnel for the jobs they were hired to do
  • Take care of your equipment with high quality Komatsu parts and Komatsu-trained experts
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PM Inspections

Keep Your Equipment At Peak Performance
Your Komatsu distributor offers Preventive Maintenance Inspections (PMI) designed to keep your equipment operating at peak performance for high production. Conducted by Komatsu-trained experts, PMI include:
  • Visual Walk-Around Inspection
  • PM Clinic
  • PM Tune Up

Visual Walk-Around Inspection
Head off major problems by identifying them while they are small. Your Komatsu distributor will conduct a general on-site inspection of your equipment, following a systematic checklist to determine if anything needs further, in-depth inspection or repair. Komatsu-trained technicians know your equipment better than anyone and perform the Walk-Around with a keen eye towards safety, as well as wear and tear on all critical areas of your machine.

PM Clinic
PM Clinics are machine-specific, comprehensive inspections designed to monitor the performance of your Komatsu machine. By monitoring key diagnostic measurements, including engine speeds and hydraulic pressures, your distributor is able to track trends and make recommendations to enhance your machine's performance. PM Clinic covers the Crawler Dozer, Wheel Loader, Haul Truck, Motor Grader and Backhoe product lines.

PM Tune Up
PM Tune Ups are Preventive Maintenance Inspections targeting the advanced hydraulic systems on Excavators. In addition to monitoring key diagnostic measurements and tracking trends, as with PM Clinic, PM Tune Ups include any necessary adjustments.

By reviewing trends and identifying problems early, your distributor can help you minimize downtime and reduce parts and service costs. You'll head off major problems by fixing them early, and you can rely on your distributor's trained Komatsu experts when work needs to be performed.

[Repair and Maintenance (R&M)]
Puts You In Control of Repair and Maintenance Costs
  • What if you could significantly reduce your maintenance and repair costs over the lifetime of your Komatsu equipment over its lifetime?
  • What if you could better predict when a major repair would be needed so that you could replace the affected component, preventing a major production interruption?

While no one can totally predict every equipment failure, you can greatly improve the likelihood that your equipment will perform when you need it with the Komatsu Repair & Maintenance (R&M) program available from your distributor.

Komatsu R&M Benefits:
Improve the planning and control of your repair and maintenance budget

An R&M contract allows you to know your scheduled repair and maintenance costs up front, giving you better control of your budget.

Increase Up-Time
The Komatsu R&M program lays out a schedule of events using a before-failure approach, allowing you to maximize machine availability by minimizing unexpected failures. You also can predict machine production better by knowing the scheduled repair and maintenance events.

Increase equipment value with a distributor-maintained repair and maintenance history
Your repair and maintenance history provides valuable information for planning and scheduling service in the future. It can also significantly add to the value of your equipment at trade-in time.

Compare actual results against plan
With R&M, you'll know if your equipment is performing according to plan or if a more aggressive approach is required based on actual usage patterns.

Maximize productivity
Your equipment operates at its optimum level when you use high quality Komatsu parts and have Service performed by Komatsu-trained experts. Back to Top

Track Management (TMS)

Manage Your Undercarriage Wear
Correctly managing the undercarriage of your excavators and crawler dozers is critical to their service life and productivity. A "Run to Destruction" approach is not always the best option. Based on your machine's application and the amount and type of wear, your distributor can develop an appropriate undercarriage management program to better schedule necessary service.

Regular undercarriage inspections and timely replacement and repair will help extend the life of the undercarriage, increase productivity, reduce downtime, and reduce the machine's cost per hour.

Faster, Easier Inspections and the Right Recommendations
Komatsu's Ultrasonic Measurement Tool makes undercarriage inspections quick and easy by providing access to hard-to-measure locations. It uses sound waves to precisely measure the thickness of undercarriage components and stores the data for evaluation. A Komatsu-trained expert, equipped with TMS, can take all required measurements and accurately determine wear. Based on this data and other critical factors, he can make the appropriate recommendations for your machines and your working environment.

TMS assures you:
  • Thorough inspection of undercarriage systems
  • Easy measurement of hard-to-reach areas
  • Accurate determination of wear on parts
  • Extended undercarriage life
  • Optimum machine cost per hour
  • Data storage for analysis
  • Easy-to-read reports and graphs
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